Manufacturer of Commercial Marine Products

Hydrasearch is very proud to introduce it’s newest segment geared towards the commercial marine industry. Our product offerings include: vent check valves, raw water strainers, deck drains & sounding tube deck fittings, suction strainer boxes & bellmouths, full cast stainless steel rudders, and 100R5 hydraulic fittings. Many of our products are ABS approved. We proudly supply our hardware into the Workboat industry, including Offshore Support Vessels (OSV), offshore oil rigs, tugs, ferries, cargo vessels, barges, and defense vessels.


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Hydrasearch is pleased to introduce its newest segment: Hydrasearch Commercial.  Specifically designed and cultivated to provide necessary equipment to the Workboat and Commercial Marine Industries, Hydrasearch Commercial offers a vast array of quality product offerings at competitive prices. We are excited to share this new segment with you and welcome any and all feedback.  As … Continue reading Welcome!